Regal Arbor

An epic tale told over pixels, 8 years in the making. The closed alpha testing site is here and will have public statistics about the build progress of the game. Regal Arbor was originally built in Unity 3D version 2~3 before sprites were supported first class. Logic was written in unityscript, then C# back in those days. Third time is the charm! A more modernized approach with terraform handling IaC (infrastructure as code) gels together the Vue website. PhaserJs 3 is the current engine with some new advantages and disadvantages. With the main advantage being project orginization and modern vanilla javascript.

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S.A.T. Score Sends

Taking the S.A.T.? Sending your perfect results to a prestigious (or not so prestigious) college? Then there is a good chance you will be using this tool and workflow. A great number of people and talent behind the scenes that made such a tool possible. Choosing what you want to send to prospective universities is easier now with the score sending workflow

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Realtime Consumer Opportunity

An equity data mining solution. Participating dealerships have their dms data feeds monitored realtime for near immediate notification of a customer on premise. This allows sales persons to head into a conversation with a list of opportunities, and ice breakers that match the profiled personality to boot! The current offering is not public facing, but may become public facing in the near future.

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Universal DMS Feed

An evolution in how we've handled historical dms data in house. After a new data source is discovered; that data from N unknown sources runs through a series of rules. Failure to meet specification places individual rows to the side. We have at least five dms providers with changing schema (some of which include manual entry). This allows alerts to be precise whilst continuing to deliver on the n% good data that always exists in a setting where users hand type information.

Terraform Vue Python AWS Dynamo Aurora S3 SNS SQS Lambda Cloudfront Cloudwatch API Gateway IAM CircleCi Github Cloud9

CDK DMS Feed Integration

Anyone whom has worked with the dms provider cdk knows just how much of a snowflake (unique server) cluster they have in the backend. I stood up a fault tolerant API interface in front of the CDK API so that our data driven products could be reliably powered by current dealership data. Datasets are not prejoined; we have to aqquire auxillary data whilst avoiding race conditions introduced by cdk's server overload and retries. Our service translates the xml structure into a more modern json while abstracting the taxing time sensative join complexities. Finishing touches included a chat bot named CDKen.

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Own Krillin

A fun phaserJS project with a playable demo for all DBZ fans.

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